Tell me that I thought I was Western immediately! But Tay Nguyen, Tay Ninh or Western do not know yet

  1. Shoot the breeze: slash breeze
  2. A bitter pill to swallow: bitter heart
  3. Green-eyed monster: jealous
  4. Prince charming: marshal ca
  5. Defame: drowning goods
  6. Haughty: chảnh
  7. Hottie: hot girl
  8. You nail it: good job (Praise)]
  9. You suck: bad thing
  10. You need to chill: Calm down ei
  11. Bae = Babe = Baby: baby (Hey everyone knows her boyfriend)
  12. Cut to th e chase: frankly

  13. Squad: meeting friends
  14. Bitchy: ....
  15. Be my guest: feel free
  16. Break it up: stop your hand
  17. Come to think of it: think carefully ..
  18. Can't help it: it can't be helped
  19. Cool it: don't be hot
  20. Come off it: don't lie
  21. Cut it out: do not joke
  22. Dead end: dead end
  23. Dead meat: dead
  24. Down and out: hopeless failure
  25. Down the hill: old
  26. For what: For what?
  27. What for ?: For what?
  28. Don't be nosy: don't talk a lot
  29. Just for fun: just playing
  30. Just looking: just watching and playing
  31. Give someone a ring: call someone
  32. Good for nothing: Useless
  33. God knows: God knows
  34. Go for it: Just try it
  35. Get lost: go away
  36. Happy goes lucky: carefree
  37. Hang in there / hang on: be patient, wait a minute
  38. Hold it: wait a minute
  39. Help yourself: naturally
  40. Take it easy: Slowly
  41. I see: ok understand
  42. It's a long shot: it's not easy
  43. It's all the same: that's the same
  44. I'm afraid: I'm afraid ...
  45. Beat me: Bear .. (don't know)
  46. Last but not least: last but not least
  47. Little by little: little by little
  48. Long time no see: Long time no see
  49. Make yourself at home: feel free
  50. Make yourself comfortable: feel comfortable