Share some strange sites for stress relief.

Playing with water:

Create a feeling like in a cafe:

Draw Neon Swirls:

Draw with sand:

Experience the tangled world:

(This page looks all eyes twisted)

Turn over the character:

Hear the sound of rain and wind (for the lovelorn children):

Draw a lot of miscellaneous:

Compare nutritional value between 2 dishes:

There is a new and cute way to make people happy: Send them a "cheesy" and sweet message. Strangely, this is always very useful:

This website will help listeners find out the true owner of a sample of music in any song:

A compliment when you're tired:

Pretending to be a hacker is so cool with well-coded encryption that makes you as dangerous as a hacker movie:

Delete all personal information at famous websites:
Source: J2Team