About the application
Help your photos stand out on Instagram with unique MIX filters.

MIX is a powerful yet easy-to-use image editor that can perfect your photos in seconds.


- Provide 130 free filters, high quality with many different styles such as professional movies, instant video, selfie, LOMO etc.
- Support advanced image editing tools such as curve, HSL, toning, etc.
- Provides 60+ weather-enhanced coating effects
- Save and share your own filters, backed up to the Cloud and won't be lost
- Publish your best photos and filters on the MIX Community to share with millions of MIX users
- Learn post-image processing techniques at MIX Academy
- Smooth and efficient user interaction


MIX is an application that revolves around filters. The application comes with about 130 high-quality filters installed with many different photo styles such as professional color reverse video recording, instant movie recording, selfie (with facial smoothing effect), monochrome, di Dynamic and more.

If you are a creator and want more visual styles, MIX allows you to edit photos using various editing tools and save your edits as personalized filters. These user-generated filters can also be easily shared for MIX users via popular social networks or the MIX community. Additionally, when logged in, user-created filters are backed up to the Cloud to never be lost.

MIX also allows you to bookmark your favorite filters for faster access.


MIX provides 15 basic image editing tools, easy to use that anyone can master. In addition, for those with advanced image editing knowledge, MIX also offers a number of professional color tools, including Curve, HSL, Split Color and Color Balance. With all the tools and some knowledge, you can create as many photo styles as you like.


To further enhance the effect, your photo may be overlaid with one of 60+ textures. These textures can provide many interesting effects, including rain water, snowy day, sunlight, lens lights, light leaks, etc. make your photos more attractive.


Besides the normal image cropping features, MIX provides you with the tool to correct perspective distortion which can be quite useful in situations such as architectural photography. With MIX, the tall buildings in your photos will no longer slant.

== Publish Photos & Filters to the MIX Community ==

You can publish your best photos to the MIX community to share with millions of MIX users around the world. Besides, you can share the edited photos as a personalized filter at the same time so that other MIX users can download.

== Online Academy ==

Where to learn tips about MIX and general post-photographic techniques. There are many new posts posted regularly.

👉 Version: 4.9.9
👉Mod unlock the PREMIUM function.
Iệt Vietnamese culture is easy to use.
👉 Download: https://anlink.top/v/84z2y243w2/ | # protect @ 84z2y243w2 @

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