There are many factors that influence a Facebook Ads campaign. The question is, how to run Facebook ads to consume the least budget and make the most orders? The answer is that you have to optimize all of the following. Remember!

1. Time frame effective advertising set

The effective time frame for setting ads is 0-2am because advertisers often reduce the budget (budget) and few people set camps at this time. So your ad is less competitive.

Set ads at this time also gives your camps the opportunity to spend their daily budget. (For example, if you set ads at 12 noon, a budget of $ 100, chances are you spend all of $ 60 all day.)

2. How to increase advertising money on Facebook effectively during the day?
Increase your Facebook ad budget from 30'-1 hours before your audience is online.
When you increase the budget, 30 minutes after Facebook will distribute with the new budget.
If you increase the budget and the efficiency, you absolutely can increase the budget every 30 minutes (increase many times).

* Note:
  • Budget should not increase too suddenly or more than 25%.
  • If you increase your money too much -> the file expands too suddenly -> Facebook does not try to find good interaction files but will try to spend all your money so the campaign is not effective.
  • If your file is good (lookalike, remark, custom object), feel free to increase your budget (even greater than 25%), keep increasing until you find it inefficient.
  • If the file you are testing, not quality, do not increase too much / fast.

3. Does a lot of seeding affect the delivery of ads?
  • Seeding does NOT affect reach (ad)
  • Seeding only creates trust (customers' trust) and does not affect advertising at all.
  • Seeding only navigates the purchasing psychology of users -> increasing interaction, ..
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  • Create a free web
4. Advertising every day is still effective but suddenly 1 day ineffective, what to do?
The reason is that the reach file is not good, the distribution is not good. So how to handle?
There are 2 ways to handle:

+ Method 1: duplicate campaigns (keep the old campaign and reduce the min budget, the new campaign will reach new files)
+ Method 2: turn off camps after 24h turn on (new day will reach new files).

5. Should multiple ad groups have the same target in a campaign?
Should not be due to competition. You should run different target ad groups or run multiple campaigns across multiple accounts.

6. Handling of overlapping objects?
Use the Facebook object overlap test tool to check
Ads set uses the EXCEPT object to avoid overlapping

7. A / B Testing?
If the new product: running multiple campaigns, multiple ad groups, you should read the report to target the file more accurately.

With the new product on the market: Running videos to educate users, thereby taking data from people interacting with videos and running ads remark. (Playing video is cheaper than interacting, it is possible to create an audience to watch a specific video.

8. Are budget increases and decreases on the ad manager and PE different?
No different.

9. Advertising delivery
Running photos / videos will take precedence over links (CTW)
You can increase the access of your ads by getting customers to share, tag, comment.

10. Account maintenance
  • No policy violations
  • Trust a lot, you have to spend a lot of money, to BM2000, hire an account ...
  • Facebook will also scan the Landing page to run ads: offending content or loading too slowly may also be flagged / not approved.