Reducing joint lag must first identify the cause of the lag in order to handle it. Game alliance mobile is a game with graphics not inferior to the games on the computer, especially coalition is a game similar to the league of legends on the computer game, so the gaming community is extremely crowded, more playing coalition is more crowded than LoL because of unlimited playing time, so it is possible to lag from the sever game, or by the phone, by the network ... Here we analyze in detail and how to handle game lag when play.

Cause of lag 1: Open too many applications
Currently most phones run multitasking, the application software after use often runs, taking up resources of RAM and CPU. Phone RAM is usually quite modest, only about 1 to 4G, if opening a few applications without exiting and opening the game to play, your phone still runs applications that are not closed, when playing RAM games, must store files CPU and temporarily to be able to play games smoothly.
Treatment method:

So you already know what to do, right? Simply before opening the game, close all running applications, especially facebook and zalo.
Cause of lag, 2nd shock: Weak configuration
Cause lag may be due to weak configuration, unresponsive to handle heavy graphics. With the required configuration for playing mobile games, the minimum required by the game publisher is as follows:
Recommended Android configuration                                        
- Chip: CPU 2.5GHz 4 Cores
- RAM: 2GB
- Version: Android 4.4 or higher
- Memory required to install the game: 2GB or more
Recommended iOS configuration
- iPhone 5S or higher
- Version: iOS 8.0 or higher
- Game installer required: 2GB or more

If the configuration of your phone is lower than the recommended configuration, there will be lag, to fix the lag and jerky due to weak configuration, then do the following:
In the game of coalition mobile you choose gear (Game settings)

You select the General tab in the section
1: The image quality you dragged to Low, to support low-profile games for weak machines.
2: The quality of details is the same, drag to Low.
3: FPS you turn off if open.
4: HD resolution is also off
This is a reduction in the configuration in the game, so the image quality, and character details will be reduced thinner, sharpness will be worse, but the game will not lag. Many weakly configured machines may freeze constantly, or play at one time being thrown out due to insufficient RAM for the game to work. With weak machines, only this way can reduce lag.
Trivia: If you're a fan of the mobile game, investing an upgrade to your phone is probably worth it.
Cause lag, 3rd shock: Internet
In addition to the two causes of lag on the network connection speed, it is also a common cause of lag. To check whether the network connection is fast or stable, you do the following.
In the game, coalition full of settings gear (The picture above) and then select network test
If the result is like this, you need to change the network.
You should choose another network to play, as the result is an instability alert, or you may check back later.
How to reduce mobile coalition lag when network is weak
1 - If you are using a wifi network, then you need to move closer to the wifi transmitter, if the public wifi network has many common users should look for another network to connect.
2 - If you are using 3G or 4G network, you need to move away from obscured area such as building. Also need to check if your network package is still using high-speed internet access. To test you compose the following message
Viettel network composes: KTTK send 191 or view it on My viettel software
Vina network composes DATA to 888
Mobifone sends KT Data to 999
If the network is stable check will notify as shown
The network status is stable and quite good, so when gaming will reduce the lag caused by the network.
So you already know how to reduce mobile coalition lag, simple right.
I wish you happy gaming and no lag.