Huawei's 5G chip is not good for Huawei, why does vivo have to go to buy from rival Samsung?

The Chinese brotherhood cannot win the attraction of ... the biggest competitor in the smartphone market ???

In a step that is perhaps surprising to many, Chinese smartphone brand vivo announced it will launch a smartphone using 5G AI chip of ... Samsung. Chances are, the vivo X30 will surpass all the Galaxy devices to become the first smartphone to own an Exynos 980 chip designed and manufactured by Samsung.

Are you surprised by this? Exynos chip is not just for Samsung smartphones? And, why doesn't vivo buy chips from compatriot Huawei - a company that is also a force of 5G, also designed its own chips - but chose the biggest and most difficult opponent to cooperate with?
First of all, let's look back at the role Exynos plays. This chip model is still Samsung Electronics but designed by the System LSI department, not the IT & Mobile division (the direct father of the Galaxy smartphone). Companies or even parts within Samsung are famous for being independent. Even Exynos isn't the only chip used by Samsung on phones - the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note sold in the US use Qualcomm's Snapdragon.

On the other side, Exynos is not exclusive to Samsung: the Motorola One Vision model that Lenovo unveiled in June is still the only smartphone that uses Exynos 7 octa 9609. Not counting the lesser-known brands, The Exynos chip is another fairly frequent customer, Meizu (China). Meizu is even the first customer of Samsung, when the Meizu M9 uses the same Exynos 3 3310 chip with Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab and Nexus S (2010).

In short, Exynos is not exclusive to Samsung phones. Before the Exynos chip, vivo certainly bought many other components from Samsung - the screen, RAM, camera sensor ... Exynos is just the latest addition to the long-term business relationship between the two sides. and the reason is probably because Qualcomm and MediaTek are not making progress on producing 5G-enabled chips for vivo and other manufacturers.

But if Qualcomm and MediaTek aren't producing enough 5G chips for vivo, why isn't the brand looking to Huawei? Since the beginning of the year, Huawei has been bragging about 5G capabilities, having been showing off ready to sell 5G chips to rivals (even Apple!). Like Samsung, Huawei designed the chip itself. A country relationship would not be more pleasant than international cooperation during a trade war - and, wouldn't it be more comfortable to partner with the number 2 than the leader in the smartphone war? star?

Not really. According to Canalys statistics, in the third quarter Huawei was booming in China - phone sales banned from Google use up to 41.5 million, up 16.5 million over the same period. 2018. Unfortunately, when Huawei increases, other phone companies have to pay the price, including vivo: in the same quarter, vivo reduced to 5 million units sold in their home country.
China is still the most important market for vivo: even if it declines, its homeland is still contributing to nearly 60% of vivo's sales globally. The most bitter, China's No. 1 position, which belongs to vivo (Q3 / 2018), is now in Huawei's hands.

Therefore, we can absolutely say that vivo hates Samsung one must hate Huawei ten! Samsung obviously competes with vivo, but has completely evaporated from China. Samsung did not touch the key piece of vivo - home market.

But in the end, vivo probably has one more important reason than any other: if one day the US announced Huawei chips were banned and asked allies to follow suit, what would vivo have to do with Kirin products? Huawei is being regarded as a symbol of Chinese technology - and in the context of the current trade war, that "symbol" is synonymous with trouble. vivo is not banned, vivo is still spreading its ambition to expand globally ... It is best to stay away from Huawei lest there be a "contagious": Huawei network equipment is banned, Huawei company is listed. Black, who would foolishly use Huawei chips for what?

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