Cheap Vsmart Live: What to note before buying?

With a price of only about 3-4 million but equipped with strong configuration and many attractive features, Vsmart Live is a smartphone that is receiving a lot of attention. However, users still need to note a few points before buying this device.

So why is Vsmart Live so powerful? Does this machine exist any downsides? Although there have been detailed reviews, but in this article, we will briefly review the pros / cons of this machine.

Many outstanding points compared to other products in the same segment
As a smartphone that was born to compete with products in the price segment of 6-7 million, so when Vsmart Live was reduced to 3-4 million, this device automatically became the "king" of Configuration and features in this segment. Specifically:

- While competitors in the same segment usually only equipped with Helio P60 / P35 chip, Snapdragon 439/450/636 or the strongest is only Snapdragon 665, Vsmart Live is far ahead of all when owning a Snapdragon 675 chip. RAM capacity of Vsmart Live also reached 4GB / 6GB, higher than the usual 3GB. In general, Vsmart Live is the strongest smartphone with 3-4 million segment.
- Vsmart Live is the only smartphone in its segment with an AMOLED screen. Because AMOLED is a relatively expensive technology, few low-cost products exploit it. AMOLED technology makes Vsmart Live's displays have higher contrast, more vibrant colors and better viewing angles than LCD screens. 
- In particular, the screen of Vsmart Live also follows the design of "integrity", without "rabbit ears" or "water drops". We can comment on the screen border of Vsmart Live is quite thin.
- After sales service of Vsmart is 18 months, longer than the 12 months of most current smartphones. Vsmart's warranty system is also wide when users can send warranties at VinMart supermarket chains. 
- All other parameters of camera, battery, internal memory, connection port, fast charging support ... of Vsmart Live are as good or better than smartphones in the same segment.

What are the disadvantages of Vsmart Live?
With strong configuration, cheap price, Vsmart Live is easily the most worth buying product in the segment. However, that does not mean that it has no disadvantages. 
First, Vsmart Live's fingerprint sensor is pretty bad. In terms of technology, the in-display fingerprint sensor of Vsmart Live is more advanced than the traditional fingerprint sensor located outside. However, in practical use, it gives a much worse experience when the finger recognition process is often slow and inaccurate. 

Vsmart Live also has a face unlock feature, but it works unstable when not identifiable in the dark and is easily fooled by a photo. It can be said that biometric security is the biggest weakness of Vsmart Live.

Second, Vsmart Live does not support memory cards. Although Vsmart Live's 64GB internal memory capacity is larger than most of its products in the same segment, some users still need to expand it. If you must use a memory card, then Vsmart Live is not your choice.
Thirdly, despite the super wide-angle camera, the image quality of this camera is not good when the details are noticeably reduced, the sensitivity is poor and the colors are faded. This condition occurs even in bright enough conditions.

Fourthly, Vsmart Live's VOS operating system is very similar in nature to pure Android, so the feature will not be as rich as other companies' software such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi ... 
Fifth, due to being a relatively unknown smartphone brand, the accessory ecosystem for Vsmart Live is not popular and plentiful. Unlike iPhone, Samsung or Oppo, users will not be able to go to any store on the street to ask to buy accessories such as cases or screen stickers for Vsmart. So, if you are a person who likes to "adorn" your smartphone with a case, you'll be disappointed with this device.

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